Windows Virtual Desktop – the future of IT?

The IT landscape is constantly changing. So, it’s hard to stay on top of what’s new.  Have you heard about Virtual Desktops?

An exciting new innovation from Microsoft Azure is the launch of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).  There have already been many early adopters globally. Here’s why you should join them?

So, what is a Windows Virtual Desktop?

In short, the WVD is your desktop service, running completely in Microsoft Azure (the Cloud).

This means your whole desktop environment (Office 365, folders, icons etc.) is stored remotely in a datacentre and not locally (on your PC).  You get access to your entire desktop, from anywhere, on any device (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android).


What are the advantages for your business?

There are many advantages. Here’s just some of them:

1.  Increased Security

WVDs offer you enhanced security. This higher level of security is achieved because data is never saved to your device. It’s stored centrally in Microsoft’s state of the art datacentres. Microsoft Azure logoThis reduces the security risks if you lose a device or have one stolen. With WVD, you are automatically updated to the latest software version, increasing security against Cyber Attacks.

All this, on top of the fact that Microsoft Azure invest $1bn per annum on security. Microsoft provide you with the highest levels of security of any technology provider in the sector.


2. Scalable and Flexible

You and your team can work from anywhere in the world.  With no limits on app access, collaboration or speed. Allowing your business to gain complete flexibility. With WVD making changes, such as increasing/decreasing server capacity and setting up new users, is easier than ever before. Meaning you can respond quickly as your business evolves.


3. Saving you time and money 

The main advantage of our business using a Virtual Desktop, is the removal of unnecessary spend on hardware. You no longer need site servers because desktops are being completely Cloud hosted, via Microsoft Azure.

Saving time is a draw for many organisations. We have already mentioned that setting up new users is made simpler and quicker. Also, time is saved on the upkeep of systems because changes can be centralised and deployed to all machines, at once!

It’s easy to see why, so many companies are using Windows Virtual Desktops, are you?

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