Protect your business with Two Factor Authentication – advice from our Technical Services Manager

Our Technical Services Manager, Richard Harrison shares some important information on Office 365 security…

“At Freestyle IT, our customers security is top priority. We always do our best to keep our customers up to date with the current cyber threats.

The Tech Team have become aware of an increase in Phishing Emails against Office 365 accounts. This is a type of cyber-attack, used to gain personal information, such as passwords and Technical Services Managerbank details.

These are being used as a tool, to compromise email accounts within a business. Commonly, once access is gained, specific rules are created allowing the hacker to monitor email activity, enabling cyber extortion for financial gain.

As a result of this, we are urging our customers to implement Two Factor Authentication on user accounts.

This works by linking a mobile number to your account, whenever a new device is used to sign in to your 365 account a text is sent to the linked number.  Two Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security for your users and consequently to your business.”

Two Factor Authentication is a great way to protect your team from being at risk from this type of attack. Of course this doesn’t eliminate the risk completely. We strongly advise you make all your users aware of phishing emails and the impact they can have on a business.

Get in touch today and we can help you take steps to secure your business.

Freestyle IT are very professional and methodical. They keep you informed and are always happy to take the time to explain why technical issues are occurring and recommend the most effective resolutions. Ticketed issues are never signed off until we, the clients, are completely happy with what they have done. They always provide great follow up.
Les Colquhound, Director/Owner, IC Printing
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