Travelex Security Breach – how you can avoid falling victim to Ransomware

After news broke of the Travelex Cyber Security Breach, widespread concern for company cyber security has grown, as businesses wonder how vulnerable they are, to falling victim to the same kind of attack.


Our Techies have provided 5 top tips to protect your business:


1. Password Polices

A strong password is the key to protecting your business. We suggest having a company Password Policy in place, to ensure your users aren’t using weak passwords, leaving your business open to attack.

We recommend passwords to be changed regularly and contain a mixture of the following

  • – At least one number
  • – At least one special character (!, %, £)
  • – Capital & lower case letters.

2. Backing up your data

One of the most important factors when protecting your business, is ensuring you’re prepared for all eventualities.

In the event of Ransomware infecting your systems, could you access an up to date version of your data? If the answer is no, then you might want to consider the way that you are backing up your data and how often your backups take place.

We recommend you follow the 3-2-1 Rule


3. Keeping on top of your updates

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to protect yourself against a Ransomware attack, is by making sure you keep on top of your system updates. It’s common for Malicious Software to gain access to computer systems through holes in security, computer updates patch over these holes to improve the overall security of your PC/Laptop.


4. Email and Spam Filters

Introducing an Email/Spam Filter is an effective way to minimise the risk of suspicious emails entering user’s inboxes, meaning users are less likely to click on links to dangerous sites where details (such as credit card information and passwords) can be stolen by hackers.


5. Staff Training and Awareness

If your staff know what to look out for when spotting fake emails, the risk of human error being the cause of a cyber-attack is minimised significantly. Regular Phishing Tests are a good, risk free, way to help train your staff to recognise fake emails and report them.Surrey and Sussex Police Cyber Crime Unit logo


To help further train your team on Cyber Security, what it is and how to protect themselves, sign up to our series of Cyber Security Webinars, in association with the Surrey and Sussex Police Cyber Crime Unit.


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