Prepare and protect – cyber security for your business

Prepare and protect – cyber security for your business

Cyber threats are constant.  As your trusted IT Partner, we’re here to help you and your team. Take 3 steps today, to defend your most valuable business assets.

Tip One – double check sender email addresses

Make sure you know the sender of emails you receive, you might recognise the name, but do you recognise the email address? If you think the email is suspicious, mark it as spam or delete it immediately. Never open or click on any of the links in the email!

Tip Two – install a Firewall

To protect your business effectively, install a Firewall, to help prevent unauthorised access to your applications and data. Firewalls, in combination with strong passwords, are proven to help protect your business from virtual threats.

Tip Three – install anti-virus software

Installing anti-virus is the most effective way of protecting your users online. We recommended installing software, on both your business and personal devices, to provide comprehensive protection.

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