Take a fresh look at Meeting Room Technologies

Be in the “room where it happens”, wherever you are in the world.

Are you:

Setting up a business?

Opening offices around the UK or globally?

Do you:

Want to bring together your team and share plans and opportunities?

Need to speak to your customers face to face, without the expense of time and travel?

When did you last give some thought to the technology, which is available in your meeting spaces?

Are you aware how its capabilities have evolved?

From Boardroom to Huddle Spaces, new technologies mean that the meeting room is now more than just a conference call space and should be an integral part of your IT Infrastructure.

The evolution of video conferencing, provides a whole array of exciting ways to interact and collaborate with your team and customers, throughout the UK or globally.

More and more organisations are taking the opportunity, to empower their teams to break free, of the confines of the office environment to embrace remote working.

How could your meeting space deliver more?

Think of the efficiencies in travel time and the positive environmental impact of bringing your contacts into the room where you are, virtually.

Consider the benefits for your business:

Increase collaboration with teams nationwide and globally, to enhance productivity
Reduce your carbon footprint by travelling less to attend meetings face to face
Share sensitive files with confidence – enjoy enhanced security, with encryption and functionality which wipes all files and data, as soon as you disconnect
Save time and reduce costs with increased efficiency.

See for yourself, one of the partners we are working with to deliver Meeting as a Service, shows you how it works.

How many times have you had a conference call that didn’t go to plan?  Training and planning are key to a successful outcome.  We provide training, showing you how to use the technologies within the solutions which we deliver.

Contact us today to transform your meetings.

Freestyle IT are very professional and methodical. They keep you informed and are always happy to take the time to explain why technical issues are occurring and recommend the most effective resolutions. Ticketed issues are never signed off until we, the clients, are completely happy with what they have done. They always provide great follow up.
Les Colquhound, Director/Owner, IC Printing
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