Moving Office? – we can help you be business ready from day one

Thinking of an office move? Growing your business and already selected your new premises?

Freestyle IT can help you achieve a seamless transition of IT, for both team members and customers, when moving office.

Our Senior Technical Engineer, Mark Simonds, answers a few key questions, outlining how we manage an office relocation.


How do you choose the right location?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the location of your business’s office space. For example, internet speed and connectivity. We encourage our customers to share the sites that they are considering with us, once their search has been narrowed. We can remotely check the state of the internet speed and connectivity, allowing us to advise which location would be best suited to your business’s requirements.”


Getting everything in place, what preparations can be made before the office move?Senior Technical engineer, Mark

Once the office space has been selected, our Technical Services Team can visit the premises and evaluate the existing infrastructure and floor plans. We often liaise directly with the current tenants to arrange this. In order to make our customer lives as easy as possible.”

Building on the knowledge we have from the initial site visit, we then sit down with your team and define where servers and workstations would be best placed, bearing in mind your future business plans (such as expansion), to ensure your IT can facilitate your business’s needs”.


Assisting with your move – how do we provide a positive experience?

Once all the preparation work is done and the move date approaches, we always talk to your team, to define deadlines and ensure we can deliver within the time window available. It’s then down to us to move and reconfigure equipment, in agreed time frame. This can be done in, or out of office hours, ready for you to be back up and running as quickly as possible.”


Read about Freestyle IT in action, helping our clients, SBW Advertising with their office relocation here.

For answers to the questions you might have about your office move, get in touch.

Freestyle IT are very professional and methodical. They keep you informed and are always happy to take the time to explain why technical issues are occurring and recommend the most effective resolutions. Ticketed issues are never signed off until we, the clients, are completely happy with what they have done. They always provide great follow up.
Les Colquhound, Director/Owner, IC Printing
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