We have been designing, installing
and supporting IT solutions for over
15 years, providing a genuinely positive
impact to our clients’ businesses.

On-Premise IT

What makes an On-Premise IT Solution?

  • Firewall

    Secure entry point

  • Switching

    Routing traffic network

  • Servers and storage

  • Physical backup

  • UPS

    (uninterruptible power supply)
    Battery backup which allows 15-20 minutes for systems to shut down, allowing for reboot in a normal state.

  • Communications systems

Why an On-Premise solution?

Issues surrounding data control, particularly in the current climate, may be keeping you awake at night.

We recognise that businesses of all sizes, use specific applications and databases, which they need access to on the premises, within the physical confines of the enterprise, rather than on hosted servers or in the Cloud.

This is often the best solution when connectivity isn’t good and where speeds and latency are a concern.


We can advise the best options for your business.

We can deliver On-Premise Solutions, help you transition to a Hybrid Solution or work with you to
plan a longer term digital transformation.

What our customers are saying

The work that Freestyle TS have done for the School, over many years, is much appreciated. The network reorganisation project delivery was fantastic.  They went well beyond the call of duty. I remember leaving the team in the School for the night, only to find them still there, the next morning.

Paul Walters, Network Manager, Ashcombe School
  • Dell Partner
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Microsoft
  • HP Partner First Gold
  • VMWare
  • Cisco