We work with our trusted Partners to deliver the best Infrastructure Solution for you.
Whether it’s in the Cloud, On-premise or a Hybrid Solution

Is your Infrastructure keeping pace with your ambitions?

Every successful business is supported by the right IT Infrastructure.
The right Solution can ensure greater efficiency levels and deliver competitive advantage. We work with our Partners to review, refresh and renew your IT.

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No matter what IT Solution you have. We can work with you to…



As with all our customers, we get to know your business, how you use IT, the hardware you require and your preferred vendors.



From this information, we then use our industry experience to provide recommendations on the hardware solution we think would work for you.



Once this is all in place, we work with you to futureproof your IT, so you can focus on getting on with business.

“Freestyle IT offer us technical advice, competitive pricing and endeavour to keep us updated on new technologies and any foreseeable technology changes. Their customer service team are excellent and there is a clear understanding of what we require from them.”

Oscar Mätzener, Head of Architecture & CISO, Robert Walters

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Demystify the Cloud

Delivering Enterprise-class support for traditional and cloud-native applications.

What’s the Cloud Readiness Assessment?

We partner with the industry leaders, to allow your business to run applications in the Cloud. Helping you to achive your goals faster.

Responsive Infrastructure

Prepared for unexpected change, by easily increasing/decreasing your storage demands

Secure & Reliable Operations

Deploy the latest patches and updates to your team’s PCs reducing the risk of a security breach

Reduced Operational Costs

Eliminate upfront costs and only pay for the storage you use, on a monthly basis.

Consitent & Familiar Tools 

Consistent and familiar tools simplifying IT operations for greater efficiency and control.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Gain insights into your IT, that allow you to plan for your IT future needs, 
in just 15 minutes…

Benefit from the best of both worlds 

HPE GreenLake from Freestyle IT

Our hybrid solution allows you to tap into the flexibility and scalability of the Cloud,
while keeping complete control of your apps and data.
With all your Cloud Services managed from a single portal.

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Business Agility 

Proactive capacity that aligns with the demands of your business, allowing it to grow.

Simplified IT

Choose the services and technology you need, on-premise, in your own environments.

Lower IT Costs

Costs which meet or beat the public cloud. No more upfront costs, you only pay for what you use.

Greater Controls

Gain more control of your business apps and data.

With our expertise, we can help you choose the right Solution for your business

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