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Cyber security – your users, your biggest risk?

Protecting your business

We know that you work hard, to try to cover all bases and make sure that you are providing the right protection for your business.

It only takes one member of your team to click on a link, in an unsolicited email and your brand reputation could unravel at lightening speed.

Don’t let hackers destroy years of hard work and get their hands on your Intellectual Property (IP).

We partner with Sophos, who state that “41% of IT professionals are reporting phishing attacks daily”.

Collaborate with confidence

By installing Microsoft Office 365 you take the first step, to enabling your users to collaborate anytime and everywhere.  Office 365 applications include built-in security features, giving you enterprise-grade user and admin controls to further secure your environment.

Using Multi-factor authentication ensures enhanced security.Sophos Logo

But what if a device is lost or stolen?

How do you ensure protection for your team and your business?

How do I trust a link or attachment in an email?

Take the pressure off by using email filtering…reducing the amount of spam email you receive.

Protecting you from malicious attachments, Sandboxing quarantines emails in a separate restricted environment. Providing an extra layer of security that prevents malware or harmful applications from attacking your system.

When the email is found to be safe then you will see it in your inbox, in the usual way, safe in the knowledge that you have negated 95% of the risk.

Test and protect

By Phish Testing and simulating a range of phishing attacks, you can identify areas of weakness.  Proactive monitoring and reporting put you in control.

Maintain vigilance

Our MySecurITy packages will deploy and manage everything for you.  Allowing you peace of mind that your business is around 95% protected from Ransomware and other malicious attacks.

Be proactive and dynamic, meet your industry and compliance obligations and strategic business objectives …… Be FIT4SecurITy

Freestyle IT are very professional and methodical. They keep you informed and are always happy to take the time to explain why technical issues are occurring and recommend the most effective resolutions. Ticketed issues are never signed off until we, the clients, are completely happy with what they have done. They always provide great follow up.
Les Colquhound, Director/Owner, IC Printing
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