Cloud Readiness Assessment

Why do I need a Cloud Readiness Assessment?

In partnership with HPE

Thinking of making the move to the Cloud? Assess your current IT Estate and gain intelligence, to make decisions about future capacity.


15 minutes to insights

No Software to install, no agents to deploy, no upgrades, no patches


Deep VMware expertise

Founded by VMware engineers who developed core ESX feature sets and APIs


Highest quality data

We collect performance data at 20-second intervals for highest fidelity insights


Data science delivered

 Data scientists perform the analysis and present actionable insights through intuitive dashboards

What does the Assessment do?

Identify Cost Savings

Identification of immediate cost savings through increased space efficiency (elimination of unneeded snapshots and VMs, greater VM density, etc.).

Report Production

Examination of all datastores, spanning multiple vCentres, to identify and eliminate risks of capacity-induced disruption.

Establishing Updates

Detailed inventory of your entire population of VMs, servers, and PCI devices, highlighting assets that are obsolete and/or need updating.

Compares against 

Benchmarking key parameters against the CloudPhysics community, VMware best practices, and the global Knowledge Base.

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