Can you spot a Phishing Email?

Emails are an essential business tool, that we all use on a daily basis. It is not surprising that they present the most common form of Cyber Attack.

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey identified that Phishing Attacks were the cause of 80% of Cyber Attacks in the last 12 months.

What is a Phishing Email?
These are a form of Cyber Attack, used to reveal important information, such as credit card information and login details. They are also used as a tool to deliver malicious software onto an individual’s machine.


We have identified 3 easy ways to help you spot a fake email…

1. Are there spelling mistakes?

Companies proof read their content and edit it accordingly, before it’s sent out. Spotting a spelling or grammar mistake, could mean that the email you have received is not legitimate and should be investigated further.
phishing email example

2. Do you recognise the address of the sender?

When receiving an email from a new sender, it is always a good idea to approach with caution.

If you don’t recognise the email address as being from a contact, who you usually hear from, or the address is different to what a known contact would normally use, the safest option is not to open it. Check you are sure that it is legitimate first!
phishing email example

3. Are you being asked to take action?

Phishing Emails commonly urge you to take action (most often to pay an invoice or share/enter  important information).

Always put the email in context. Were you expecting an email like this from the sender? Have you checked through the tips above to ensure the email is legitimate?

If you have any doubts, then a member of our expert Help Desk are on hand to help.

There are of course ways of reducing a Phishing Email entering your Inbox in the first place…

Email filtering is an effective way to improve the security of your Office 365 Outlook, by detecting possible spam/Phishing Emails and placing them into a quarantine folder.

Watch our short video, to discover more ways to improve your overall Office 365 security and help to reduce potential Cyber Attacks.


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