Professional Services

Freestyle IT's professional services ensure we prepare, plan and complete our projects with your business in mind.

Professional Services

Services to help your business

We have built our portfolio of professional services around the experience, expertise and knowledge that we have built up over many years. Our team of consultants and engineers have been working with customers to improve their IT Systems so that they help, not hinder the successful development of their particular business.


You cannot buy experience, it takes years to acquire and it is invaluable in the field of IT services. The more you are exposed to the challenges faced by a variety of businesses in making sure that their IT works efficiently the more value you can bring to the next customer. Our consultants have that knowledge, built up over many years, which enables them to quickly understand our customer’s requirements and couple that with an understanding of the commercial judgement that needs to be made. That often discussed “grey area” of Return on Investment.


All of our Consultants and Engineers are involved in continuous personal development. We stay current with the technology that we are involved in to ensure that we can offer our customers the best advise, the best solutions and the best outcomes. Training and accreditation are central to this. We are constantly training towards vendor and technology accreditations that mean that our customers can be assured that they are dealing with experts.


Our portfolio of Professional Services concentrate on key areas of IT infrastructure. We have a deep understanding of those areas and we keep our focus on delivering exceptional service through sticking to what we know best which is Core Infrastructure and systems which form the heart beat of IT services. By understanding your business, how your IT supports your business and what your short, medium and long term aspirations are we acquire the knowledge that we need to help you achieve your goals.

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