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Our People

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As with any business in the service industry our people are the most important cog in the Freestyle wheel. We have worked very hard to build a team of hard working, conscientious individuals with a real desire to deliver excellent customer service.

As our business has grown and evolved we have been very careful in selecting people who have the skills, experience and knowledge to be able to make a difference for our customers. At Freestyle IT we share the following company values:

Being flexible means that we are able to stay current. This allows us to meet the sometimes fast changing needs of our customers and the changing demands of the industry. Our flexibility ensures that we can go ‘the extra mile’ in order to meet the needs of our customers, making it easy to work with us.

Applying a personable approach, we can establish, maintain and nurture strong business and customer relationships.  We want our customers and industry colleagues to view working with us as a positive and pleasurable experience ! Being a team that talks, we encourage communication in order to achieve and we always relish the opportunity to get to know our customers.

To us being smart means that we consistently apply ‘smart thinking’ to what we do.  This covers all aspects of our daily activity including approach to projects, the development of solutions and the provision of all services. We will ensure that we recruit and develop smart people – our experts.

We maintain honesty in all we do; within every relationship we hold and every communication we make. Believing that honesty breeds trust, we know our customers are able to trust us to stand by and deliver on every commitment we make.

Freestyle IT Owners
Freestyle IT Owners,
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