Networking & Security

Networking & Security

A secure and reliable network is the foundation for all successful IT services


The heart beat of all successful IT systems is a fully optimised network that delivers reliability and speed. By their very nature networks grow as businesses grow and it’s often as a result of this growth that networks become slower and less reliable. This impact’s on the satisfaction of users, customers and ultimately it can have a significant negative impact on your business and how the outside world perceives you.  

In our view the network comes first and everything else should follow. There have been many occasions where our consultants have engaged with customers who are considering investing significant sums in a new IT solution without having considered whether or not their network is capable of supporting that solution. A simple example would be a VDI solution where the network and its effectiveness are absolutely central to a successful installation.

Ultimately we don’t want our customers investing in new IT solutions without first having established that their network is not going to be a bottleneck and an obstacle to progress.

Our consultants and engineers have many years of experience with identifying why and where a network needs improving to support both existing IT services and new services being planned. We are fully accredited with both Cisco and HP to design, supply, install and support their extensive range of network products and solutions. It is often the first thing we look at, through our network audit service, when we engage with new customers. It gives us a benchmark to work from when considering how we can help the customer improve their current IT services.


This area of IT is becoming more and more critical with the growth of cyber crime. Your data is not only the lifeblood of your business it is also your responsibility. It is a subject that must be taken seriously, particularly if you are in a business that has compliance regulations that you must adhere to.

We believe that with a considered and rounded approach to protecting your infrastructure and data you can not only feel secure whilst going about your day to day business, you can also gain competitive advantage on your peers who may not have taken such a holistic approach to network and data security.

We have experts within our Technical Services Team who can assist you with developing a water tight security strategy which will conform with any compliance regulations that you are subject to. Alongside security we are experts in disaster recovery (DR) and high availability (HA) which should be considered alongside your infrastructure security. Our approach is to carefully consider where your potential points of weakness are and what we can do to fix them. We apply this to both your infrastructure and your data.

Our principal security partners are Cisco and Watchguard who we hold accreditations with. This allows us to design, install and support a fully featured security solution that will provide you with a high level of reassurance and defence against the growing menace of cyber crime. If you have any concerns about the strength of your network and data security please contact us to see how we can help.

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Networking & Security:

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